Telehealth Visits Now Available to Blaser Physical Therapy Patients

Blaser Physical Therapy Remains Open as an Essential Service

Blaser Physical Therapy Virtual  Visit Telehealth VisitDuring the COVID-19 virus pandemic, we respect the critical importance for the public to make all possible efforts to remain home. We recognize that many patients will continue to require “hands on” treatments in order to maximize their progress and avoid significant decline; therefore, we will continue to treat these patients in the clinic. At the same time, a large number of patients may fall into high risk categories which will prevent them from having the option to come into the clinic.

For these considerations, Blaser Physical Therapy has launched a remote treatment option commonly referred to as Telehealth Visits (THV), to ensure that our patients that are unable to attend PT at this time will continue to receive their physical therapy services.

Any charges generated by THV will be handled just as they always have been, by submitting to their insurance carriers for processing. Our insurance specialists are happy to answer any questions you may have in this regard.

We are also providing to all patients that transition to THV free theratubing/therabands/theracircles to enable them continue their strengthening portion of their physical therapy programs. We will place these in individual packets with the patients’ name on the front. These will be placed in a receptacle by the front door for patients to pick up without having to come into the clinic.

We cannot stress enough how important it is for every patient to continue their plan of care with the guidance of their physical therapist to avoid decline, manage symptoms, and any possible further injury to themselves.

Please contact our office at 341-1922 to learn more and schedule your THV.

Your physical therapist will walk you through the process. It is extremely easy!!

Blaser Physical Therapy remains committed to providing physical therapy services during this pandemic while making all efforts to maximize the health and welfare of our patients and staff.