Services We Offer


Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Following Injury
Overuse Syndromes
Chronic Pain
Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Spinal Rehabilitation

Post Surgical Rehabilitation
Back Education Instruction
Functional Training/Reconditioning
Trunk Stabilization & Custom Braces
Postural Education and Training
Postural Analysis & Correction of Muscular Strength and Flexibility Imbalances
McKinzie Flexion and Extension Programs

Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

Following Injury or Surgery
Maximize Athletic Performance
Biomechanical Analysis
Functional Training and Strengthening
Orthotic and Brace Recommendations and Fittings
Strength Trainer and Coach Consultation
Running Analysis and Rehabilitation

Neurological Rehabilitation

Strengthening and Balance Training following a Stroke
Coordination and Balance Conditioning
Gait Training

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