Savannah, Age 16

Chronic Ankle Strain

Savannah, Blaser Physical Therapy ClientSavannah has played scholastic and recreational soccer throughout her youth. Now age 16, she competes for both her high school team and an elite travel soccer team. In April of 2012, she sustained an injury to her ankle during one of her high school games when she was kicked by her opponent. She thought the injury would slowly go away on its own, but after months of icing her ankle, her symptoms were only getting worse.

She went to her family doctor, who took x-rays and stated that they could find nothing wrong with her ankle. Savannah continued to play soccer but the pain continued to increase and she noticed her ankle was getting weaker and more unstable. She tried using a brace and taping her ankle, but she was unable to sustain her same level of play. Her ankle continued to swell and showed bruising following practice and games despite her use of ice. She remembers that “Nothing helped.”

A year following the injury to her ankle, Savannah consulted with another physician and he prescribed physical therapy. Her coach’s daughter had received physical therapy at Blaser Physical Therapy following an injury and he recommended their services.

Savannah discontinued soccer and initiated her physical therapy at Blaser Physical Therapy. Following an extensive evaluation, a comprehensive rehabilitation program was developed for Savannah. Her program included strength training, balance and agility, endurance, and functional sports specific training.

“The hands on treatment that helped break up the scar tissue really helped me with my pain. I’ve returned to soccer practice and have noticed a significant improvement in my ankle stability, strength and my ability to perform.”

Savannah’s Results

Savannah has continued her physical therapy as she progresses towards returning to full competition to ensure maximum results and reduced risk of re-injury. A full home exercise program has also been incorporated into her program along with footwear analysis and recommendations to provided her with continued success following her discharge.

When asked what she valued most from her experience at Blaser Physical Therapy, Savannah replied:

“Everyone is very friendly and uses their hands to treat you. If I ever have a question, someone is always available to give me an answer. And they have pretty tape too!”