Greg, Age 62

Bilateral Total Shoulder Replacements

Greg, Blaser Physical Therapy ClientGreg has been performing heavy manual labor duties in the oil industry for the past forty years. His responsibilities include everything from driving eighteen wheeler gas tankers, to handling the drop hoses, crawling through crawl spaces while dragging heavy equipment, and working overhead for hours at a time.

Chronic shoulder pain and dysfunction made Greg’s work especially challenging. He had been told twenty years ago that he needed both of his shoulders replaced. However, Greg’s work responsibilities could not wait so he postponed the recommended surgery and continued working despite the pain.

Eventually, Greg was unable to raise his arms above his chest level. He had his right shoulder replaced first in July of 2011.

Looking back on his first experience at Blaser Physical Therapy, Greg recalls that the physical therapy treatments he received were “really not as bad as I had expected.”

“I looked forward to coming to Blaser Physical Therapy not just because of the friendly atmosphere, but also because of the consistent progress I was making.”

After several months, Greg’s right shoulder had regained full range of motion and functional strength, allowing him to resume his full work duties and prepare for his left shoulder replacement.

He underwent his next shoulder replacement in December of 2011, just five months following his first surgery.

“The second replacement went even smoother than the first. My physical therapist had told me that the exercises I had been performing on my left shoulder preoperatively enabled me to be stronger after my surgery.”

Greg was treated utilizing the same protocol that had been successful for him previously. Again, his shoulder was restored to full range of motion, full functional strength, and pain free.


“You should see the things I can do now . . . crawling around on my hands and knees through tight spaces, lifting heavy power equipment overhead, even lifting furnaces!”

Greg is more than satisfied with his overall outcome.

“Blaser Physical Therapy worked wonders with me. I would not hesitate to return to Blaser Physical Therapy’s excellent care if I were ever in need of physical therapy again.”