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Greg, Blaser Physical Therapy Client

Greg’s Experience

Greg has been performing heavy manual labor duties in the oil industry for the past forty years. His responsibilities include everything from driving eighteen wheeler gas tankers, to handling the drop hoses, crawling through crawl spaces while dragging heavy equipment, and working overhead for hours at a time.Chronic shoulder pain and dysfunction made Greg’s work especially challenging.

Greg says: Blaser Physical Therapy worked wonders with me. You should see the things I can do now . . . crawling around on my hands and knees through tight spaces, lifting heavy power equipment overhead, even lifting furnaces! I would not hesitate to return to Blaser Physical Therapy’s excellent care if I were ever in need of physical therapy again.

Terri, Blaser Physical Therapy Client

Terri’s Experience

An avid equestrian since early in her youth, Terri recalls the trauma that changed her life in June 2012. She was riding her horse and noticed that he was particularly edgy that day. She decided to take him back to the barn and began to dismount. As she did, her horse bucked wildly and she was totally spun around mid air, landing her traumatically on both feet. Immediately on impact she felt her right ankle explode.

Terri was given several recommendations from friends who had received physical therapy at Blaser Physical Therapy and, trusting their advice, she chose Blaser Physical Therapy.

Terri was terrified for anyone to touch her leg, but she was immediately relieved to discover a wonderfully caring and non threatening environment at Blaser Physical Therapy. She attributes her success in returning to a normal walking pattern to the process her physical therapist used to break down the walking process so she could understand how to correct her poor gait.

Terri says: “My doctor was so incredibly pleased with my progress and shocked by the range of motion I got back in my ankle.”

Elliott, Blaser Physical Therapy Client

Elliott’s Experience

Following surgery to replace his entire right shoulder joint, Elliott was experiencing significant pain and swelling throughout his entire arm. His physical therapist immediately recognized the unusual nature of his swelling and took measures to reduce these symptoms to avoid complications.

Elliott says: What I really appreciated about Blaser Physical Therapy was their responsiveness. My physical therapist was proactive to get in touch with my doctor to get what I needed. I don’t think if I had gone to just any clinic I would have gotten that same kind of attention.

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