Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a physician’s prescription in order to receive physical therapy?

No, we can see you without a physician’s prescription. The Physical Therapist will conduct a thorough evaluation and determine if a physician’s consultation is recommended. A plan of care will be sent to your doctor of choice.

Can I decide where to go for my physical therapy?

Yes. Once you have a prescription for physical therapy, you choose where you will receive your care. Your physician may provide a recommendation, but ultimately it is the patient’s choice where they will receive physical therapy services. It is very important that you select the most qualified services available to ensure optimal treatment.

Does insurance cover physical therapy services?

Yes. Most major insurance plans include physical therapy benefits. Each individual should check with their insurance carrier to review their plan’s benefits. Physical therapy insurance coverage varies with different carriers. We will be glad to help assist you with any questions you may have regarding your insurance coverage.

Does Blaser Physical Therapy take my insurance?

We are providers with most major insurance carriers. (See Insurance Plans We Accept.) We also will submit your claims to your insurance company for payment. Our personalized billing department is always happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding insurance and payments.

How do I know if I may need physical therapy?

A wide variety of conditions are most appropriately treated with physical therapy (see Commonly Treated Diagnoses.) It is important that the patient be aware of the benefits that physical therapy can offer to provide relief and recovery from painful injuries, chronic pain, and pathologies. Our physical therapists are the most experienced team of physical therapists in the area and the most committed to advance you to recovery.

Will my physical therapist contact my physician regarding my treatment?

Yes. Our physical therapists send progress reports and follow up by phone when necessary with your referring physician. In order to guarantee optimal care, we believe effective communication is an essential component of your treatment plan.