David, Age 79

Severe Lumbar Strain, Severe Weakness Core/Hips/Legs


David, Blaser Physical Therapy PatientOver thirty years ago, David received back to back Total Hip Replacements to both his right and left hips. The procedure at that time did not utilize any screws for fixation but instead relied on the bone to grow into the artificial hip. The expectations were for the hips to last up to fifteen years. David had his hips checked by his doctor every 10 years as requested and never had any trouble.

Fast forward to 2010. David was getting up from a chair and tripped. In an attempt to prevent himself from falling and potentially harming his hips, he twisted his back. He was diagnosed with a severe back strain. This was very debilitating. Since retirement as a television news correspondent, David and his wife had been running Thistle Hill Farm.

David recalls:

The pain was so severe, I could hardly walk. To handle cattle and all the other farm work was nearly impossible. Thistle Hill Farm is physically very demanding. You need to remain strong and agile to carry, lift, climb fences.

David’s doctor prescribed physical therapy and David scheduled his treatment with Blaser Physical Therapy. He had been a patient there several years before and was pleased with his care and outcome.

Upon initial evaluation, David remembers that his physical therapist determined that his deficits were not simply a result of his back strain but his overall lack of core and lower extremity strength as well as poor balance. Treatments to his back relieved his back pain within two weeks and more intense attention to his strength and balance deficits followed. 

David’s Results

“I saw immediate improvement. The first time I realized I was gaining strength was when I was moving an electric fence line and instead of using my 4-wheeler to travel every 20-30 feet, my recent practice, I was walking to the next spot on my own.”

David continued to progress; he returned to carrying and lifting bags of seed, reels of wire, even delivering calves when necessary.

“I got back to doing things I never thought I would do again. I got so much better we even increased the size of the herd!”

When asked what made his physical therapy at Blaser Physical Therapy a success for him, David summed up his experience up by adding,

“I always looked forward to my treatments at Blaser Physical Therapy. It was never a grind. The staff was disciplined and demanding but it was all done with humor and an upbeat, positive attitude. This combination worked for me and I was able to reach my goals. I owe my recovery to Kendal’s staff, Thistle Hill grass fed beef and pork, and red wine!”